The Farm




Umbria has always been the land of the most intimate relationship between man and nature, of green beauty, savours, art and traditions, giving us places to see, welcoming us with a desire to know and discover its marvels. In the ancients roads that come across “la Torre del Molinaccio”, guard-post of the XIII century, placed along one side of the river Chiascio, finds place the Agriturismo “Il Molino della Cagnoletta”, in a place named ‘Campagna’, Col di Mezzo street in Colle di Bettona, near Assisi. Its name tells the stories of that places and brings us back to the past, when mills and oil factories overlooked the surroundings roads, especially there was “ la Cagnoletta”, a cereal-mill, driven by the river water. Spending an holiday at the ‘Molino della Cagnoletta’ means going into the green and peace you can breathe around, and you can also enjoy touristic tours of great artistic and historic interest. Agriturismo “Il Molino della Cagnoletta”, an Oasis of Peace and Relax for an Unforgettable Stay! Municipal Authorization n. 14 of 18.03.2005 on 04.03.2010 integrated with authorization no. 22 – No Registration. 1418 Farm Regional Register.

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